What NCS Is To Me

NCS is a movement of men who gather together to encourage each other in friendship and faith. We are committed to support one another to become better men, better husbands and better fathers. Here is what some of our guys say about being part of NCS…



One of the secrets to who we are at NCS is Humor. We try hard not to take ourselves too seriously. For us, Humor is a very important value: to keep things in perspective and help us recognize we are not the center of the universe. Humor breaks down barriers and opens us to new insights. Here are some favorite NCS moments…


Daily Reading

Real friendships take time to nurture. That’s true with each other as men and also in the most important relationship, our friendship with Jesus. At NCS, we encourage men to take time every day to go deeper and grow in friendship with Him. Daily readings — like those in the special NCS Edition of Oswald Chambers’ classic My Utmost for His Highest — provide practical help for that daily journey of faith. Here is today’s Reading…


Blog Post

There is a Proverb that says: “One man sharpens another like iron sharpens iron.” The NCS Blogs — both from a number of our favorite speakers and by some NCS brothers with a gift for writing — deliver insights for living and growing in friendship with each other and with Jesus. They encourage, enlighten and challenge us. See for yourself here…


“I have been genuinely struck by this group of guys who so long to bring Jesus [everywhere], that they’re using all their financial resources, their talent, and their hearts to bring this about.”

- Brennan Manning
Author, priest, and public speaker

"NCS brings mens’ struggles and weaknesses into a place where they feel safe and hopeful. It offers an opportunity where men can come into a relationship with Jesus in a relational way with another guy.”

- BJ Weber
Minister, chaplain, founder of New York Fellowship

“To be affiliated with NCS has been by far one of the most incredible experiences of my life. I’ve been greatly impacted by the fellowship.”

- Alvin Slaughter
Singer-Songwriter, Integrity Music

“ …perhaps the most significant national men's ministry today …”

- Dr. Larry Crabb
Author, psychologist, founder NewWay Ministries


With increasing chapter interest around the country, we want to provide a balance of guidance…

A timeless article written by Eric Metaxas reflects on the short life of David Bloom…

I recently had the honor of being invited to be the guest speaker at NCS…

NCS Distinctives – A Focus on FRIENDSHIP Friendship For over 15 years, NCS has been…